• Downsize in Port Ludlow Sweepstakes FAQs

Downsize in Port Ludlow Sweepstakes FAQs

Thank you very much for your interest and participation in the Downsize in Port Ludlow Sweepstakes!

We've worked diligently to create this educational sweepstakes through which we hope to share all of the fantastic amenities at one's fingertips in Port Ludlow. 

This Frequently Asked Questions article is going to be a work in progress through the duration of the Sweepstakes and we plan on adding questions as they come in from the participants. Without further ado, here are some questions and answers that we assume will be among the first to be asked!

Once again, thanks for your participation and we hope you have fun with the Sweepstakes!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How long is the Sweepstakes?
    • A: The Downsize in Port Ludlow Sweepstakes is approxiamtely 8 weeks long. The Grand Prize winner will be announced August 8, 2017 on the Port Ludlow Homes Blog
  • Q: How do I win?
    • A: To qualify to win the incredible Grand Prize, login weekly for the next 7 weeks and submit correct answers to the weekly Trivia Questions. Every Monday a new set of 6 Trivia Questions will be released. You’ll earn an entry toward to the Grand Prize drawing with every correctly answered Trivia Question that you submit. To learn about more ways to earn entries, please visit our How to Win Page
  • Q: Where are the Official Sweepstakes Rules?
    • A: The Official Downsize in Port Ludlow Sweepstakes Rules can be downloaded here
  • Q: What type of home will we receive if we win the Grand Prize and select the home option?
    • A: The type of home that will be provided will depend on the winner of the Grand Prize. Please refer to the Grand Prize section of the Official Sweepstakes Rules for more information on the Grand Prize options. 
  • Q: Is the Grand Prize Transferrable? 
    • A: No. Please refer to the Official Sweepstakes Rules for additional stipulations on the Grand Prize. 
  • Q: Must we use the home as our full time residence or may we use the home periodically as a vacation home?
    • A: As long as the use of the home abides by the terms of the lease agreement between the Landlord and Tenant, the home may be used as the Grand Prize winner chooses. 
  • Q: How do I qualify to win a Weekly Prize?
    • A: To qualify to win a Weekly Prize, a Sweepstakes Participant must submit answers to the weekly trivia questions within the week during which they were released. For example, Week 2 Trivia Questions will be released on Monday morning 6/26. To qualify to win the Week 2 Weekly Prize, answers must be submitted by a Sweepstakes Participant by Friday 6/23 by Noon Pacific Standard Time. Weekly Prize winners will be announced on the Port Ludlow Homes Blog on Friday afternoon.

If you have additional questions and would like to have them added to this page, please email: [email protected]